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C-TIES, or the Chemistry and Technology Information Exchange System, has been designed as a server-based development platform to enable high school science teachers, faculty, and their students to use the powerful web collaboration features built into Microsoft Office 2000, Internet Explorer 5+, and Exchange Server 2000. The C-TIES mission is to collaboratively design, disseminate, and assess inquiry-based learning resources that integrate live molecular imaging and animation technologies into the secondary science curriculum. The C-TIES development platform focuses on alternative pedagogical approaches to secondary science and is aligned with state standards. Learn how C-TIES is part of our pre-service chemistry certification program.

References for teachers interested in using technology.
A list of articles from leading educators and foundations.


A List of Curricular Development and Training Options:

Visit the C-TIES Web Project, a collaboration development site for pre-service and in-service teachers.

Looking to teach high school chemistry? Need facts about our program? Then browse the Chemistry Teacher Certification Web Site. Learn how the C-TIES Web Project is integrated into our certification program.
Helpful links for students currently enrolled in the program:
Spring 2001 seminar schedule  
for ILAS 201 / 301 clinicals.
On-line applications and due dates 
for ILAS 201 / 301clinicals and 
student teaching - ILAS 401 / CHEM 497.

CHEM 472
Includes a semester-long web project. Students work together in small teams doing online research on an assigned macromolecule. Using this as background, they select and download appropriate structure files and render them on the web as live molecular images, complete with animations and audio. Finally, the student team presents their resource to the rest of the class using a smart classroom. 


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